Cabot, VT: 40% of school budget is "mandated special education costs"

Mar 7, 2018, Burlington, VT, CBS3: Cabot 1 of 5 Vt. towns to reject school budgets … The mood was different in Cabot, though. Voters there rejected the proposed $3.67 million school budget by a 345-236 margin. The budget was up $337,000 from the current year but 40 percent of that came from mandated special education costs. Superintendent Mark Tucker says the budget created a 29-cent increase in local property tax rates, meaning a person with a $200,000 home would pay $580 more. About 20 cents of it comes from penalties assessed by the state for spending more than the allowed per pupil. The school board will meet Monday to discuss next steps but Tucker says if lawmakers remove the penalty, the tax increase will drop to a level voters may approve.