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Butte, MT: 13 yr old emailed threat; school placed in lockdown

Oct 3, 2018, Butte, MT, Montana Standard: Butte Central students, staff seek a sense of normalcy after threats led to school's lockdown, closure Butte Central preschool, elementary and middle school students resumed classes Wednesday, a day after local police arrested a 13-year-old boy for allegedly emailing a pair of violent threats that kept students on lockdown Monday and home from school Tuesday. Peoples encouraged more prayer, while Principal Susie Hogart called school Administrative Assistant Sue Burt the “unsung hero” for her actions when she found the threatening emails. … The first threat of a school shooting led the school to go on full lockdown for over an hour before resuming classes. The second threat of a bomb led administrators to cancel school completely Tuesday. Sheriff Ed Lester said the department’s Internet Crimes Against Children investigator was able to link the second email’s IP address to the arrested juvenile….


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