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Burlington, VT: "Rising special education transportation costs" contribute to deficit

July 25, 2018, Burlington (VT) Patch: Burlington School Department Goes $1.7 Million Over Budget Burlington Public Schools overspent its budget by $1.7 million, or about 3.3%, in 2017-18. The school department will ask Town Meeting for the funding to make up the deficit. About $600,000 was for special education transportation costs, while another $200,000 came for a stipend for tutoring. The district also went $220,000 over its budget for substitute teachers and incurred higher-than-expected maintenance expenses. Superintendent Eric Conti disclosed the overspending at Tuesday night's school committee meeting. Conti attributed the problem to rising special education transportation costs, which in previous years had been covered from operating funds. But over time the deficit has built up and that option is no longer feasible. "No one likes to go to town meeting to ask for money," Conti said. "This is a problem, I don't want to say it is not, but I do think it's occurred because of significantly increasing costs in special education we've been trying to cover a bunch of ways, and I think it's just caught up with us over time."… "I've been on the school committee for a number of years and this is the first time something like this has come before me, so I was surprised," Monaco said.

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