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Burlington, IA: Local high school adds in-school health clinic

May 25, 2021, Burlington (IA) Hawk Eye: Burlington School District partners with Eagle View Community Health System to launch school-based clinic at BHS

Starting this summer, Burlington High School students no longer will have to leave the building for most health appointments. Henderson County, Illinois-based Eagle View Community Health System is partnering with the Burlington School District to operate a school-based clinic at the high school that could open as early as next month. … According to a plan approved Monday by the Burlington School Board, Henderson County Rural Health Center, which is operated by Eagle View, will provide a range of health services to Burlington students of all grade levels, as well as to members of their households, regardless of their income from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays at BHS. The district also may be able to provide transportation for students from other school buildings needing to go to the clinic, as well as arrange for telehealth visits. "I think this is going to be huge for our students," board vice president Anika McVay said. "They're not actually leaving the building to receive the services and then trying to come back. They can get that interaction immediately, so that is fantastic."… "There's a need in the community, and that kind of fills that gap a little bit," Coen said. The clinic will be housed within the school nurse's office, which has additional room thanks to the relocation of counseling offices to a former portion of the school's library that is accessible through the therapeutic learning classroom. Coen said the nurse's office eventually will be renovated and expanded to allow for a dentist chair and outdoor access to the clinic, though for the first year it will be accessible only through the school building. … The school-based clinic staff, which will consist of a nurse practitioner, medical assistant, receptionist and licensed clinical social worker, will meet regularly with the school nurse, school case manager and school social worker to define roles and work through any overlapping services. The clinic staff also will communicate with patients' primary care providers. Services provided by the clinic will include physical exams; immunizations; diagnosis and treatment of minor illness and injury; management of chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and seizure disorders; basic laboratory tests; prescribing and dispensing of medications for common illnesses and disorders and prevention of disease and pregnancy; and health education. … The clinic also will provide behavioral health services such as intake assessments; individual, family and group therapy; and substance use services in addition to reproductive health services including abstinence counseling, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing; and cancer screening and education. …


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