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Burbank, IL: New SPED campus opens to 'meet the future needs of our diverse learners'

Aug 29, 2018, Oak Lawn (IL) Patch: Special Education Co-Op Closes Deal On Queen of Peace Building The AERO Special Education Cooperative has closed the deal on the former Queen of Peace High School building in Burbank. AERO announced the purchase Tuesday on Facebook. AERO provides special education services to students from 11 member public school districts in the southwest suburbs serving Argo, Evergreen Park, Reavis and Oak Lawn high schools along with seven of their feeder elementary districts. Since 1963, the special education cooperative has offered special education programming and related services to students with physical and intellectual disabilities. Member school districts maximize their resources to provide a full continuum of special education services…. …The new campus will afford AERO the option to centralize its operations in educating hundreds of students from pre-K through 12th grade, as well as young adults through age 22. … “The expansion of Programs and Services will allow AERO and its member districts to meet the future needs of our diverse learners."

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