Buffalo, NY: $5,000 donated for sensory room where kids can "calm down"

Nov 21, 2017, (Buffalo, NY) NBC2: lvatore donates $5,000 for a calming room It's a place of calm. It's a place where a fourth grade student said, "Whenever I get mad or angry at my teacher or classmate, I just go to the calming room and it helps me calm down." The new space inside a Buffalo school is designed to help students and reduce suspensions. It's called the Russell Salvatore Reflection Room. Salvatore donated $5,000 so the room could be fully furnished with non-technology items like an aromatherapy machine, calming waters sound machine, a tent, bean bag chairs, a trampoline, and thera-putty. It's located inside Dr. George E. Blackman School of Excellence Early Childhood Center #54 inside School 54. … The principal said it's useful. "We need a space when a five-year-old is just screaming and we need to be able to safely say, 'OK, scream, get it all out and let's get yourself back to class.' " It worked and the child was fine after going to the calming room.