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Brownstown, IN: District first in state to receive "asthma-friendly" award; 8% of kids affected

Aug 14, 2018, Brownstown (IN) Tribune: Brownstown first school corporation in state to earn asthma-friendly designation Brownstown Central Community School Corp. has set a precedent in terms of being able to help students and staff members with asthma. It’s the first school district in the state to complete the Indiana Asthma-Friendly School Program, a voluntary award opportunity that acknowledges schools with exceptional asthma management programs…. To earn the designation, a school district must have policies and procedures in place allowing students to manage their asthma. … Jackson, Fountain and Perry counties were targeted for high rates of asthma among school-aged children and emergency room visits related to the respiratory condition. The CDC said, on average, about three children in a classroom of 30 are likely to have asthma; nearly 1 in 2 children with asthma miss at least one day of school each year because of their asthma; and each year, asthma causes more than 10 million missed days of school. … Schools completing the program in Indiana are awarded either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum designation of being asthma-friendly The school nurses also have to ensure all students with asthma have action plans in place. McKinney said Brownstown has around 160 students in kindergarten through 12th grade with asthma, which is 7.6 percent of the corporation’s enrollment….

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