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Brighton, MI: Kindergarten student causes classroom evacuation 28 times in 3 mo.s

Nov 30, 2018, Livingston (MI) Daily: 'Enough': 28 evacuations in 3 months, parents of Brighton kindergartners plead for help Parents frustrated that their children have been evacuated from a kindergarten classroom at a Brighton elementary school 28 times in the first three months of the school year sought help this week from school officials. Courtney Lusk, a mother of twin daughters in the Hilton Elementary School kindergarten class, told the Board of Education one child has caused all the disruptions, and recited a litany of dates throughout October and November where the child threw shoes, books, crayons, chairs and a toy box. … Lusk also said there were four instances in which the child was removed to a calming room where he defecated and smeared fecal matter. … Ross Gemuend said he attended the meeting on behalf of his daughter Riley and many parents whose children have been exposed to the violent outbursts…. Gemuend said a child and teacher were injured on Nov. 20 after the student threw a chair. “Enough is enough,” Gemuend said, who was among more than a half dozen parents who spoke. “I shouldn’t have to continually assure my daughter she won’t be harmed by this particular student, especially when I can’t be sure myself.” … 'Educators are facing a lot more issues' Mike Hubert, superintendent of the Livingston Educational Service Agency, which provides special education support to the district, said it is unfortunate that behavior can cause disruption. Behavioral issues in students have become more of a problem in public schools in the last 10 years, Hubert said, and "it is not clear what is causing the trend." “Public educators are facing a lot more issues with student behavior, but just because they express a behavior doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to an education," he said. "It’s inconvenient, but they still have the right to be there.” …


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