Brevard County, FL: Disabled students among those expelled at twice the rate of regular ed

Aug 9, 2017, WESH TV, Orlando: Brevard County schools rolling out new discipline system As a new school year starts in Brevard County, the district has a new discipline system in place. Superintendent Dr. Desmond Blackburn saw the need to create a district-wide student code of conduct as it pertains to punishment, when he saw how the lack of that very system was discriminating against certain groups of students. "Our children living in poverty, our children with disabilities, and our African American students were being suspended and expelled at twice the rate of their existence in the student population," Blackburn told WESH 2 News. … "Brevard Public Schools acknowledging that there are problems with current policy (or lack thereof) is huge. Implementing the new disciplinary action policy is definitely a start toward an effective corrective action plan. The new policy is not perfect and as with any major overhaul of a policy it will require training, periodic reviews and revising as we measure its effectiveness. A component of diversity training will hopefully be provided to staff and administrators to further improve their ability to serve all of our students.