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Breitbart: "25% of students enrolled in elite colleges...classified as depressed, anxious"

May 29, 2018, Breitbart: Mentally ‘Disabled’ College Students on the Rise The number of college students labeled with depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems is increasing, leading colleges and universities to provider a greater number of special accommodations for them. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, as many as 25 percent of students enrolled in elite colleges are now classified as depressed, anxious, attention-impaired, and other labels that, under federal law, entitle them to special learning accommodations. Some students are labeled with more than one disability. … For example, at Pomona College in Claremont, California – a school that tied for the number six ranking in National Liberal Arts Colleges at U.S. News’s Best Colleges – 22 percent of students were classified as “disabled” this academic year, an increase of five percent since 2014. “At Pomona, we have extremely talented bright students with very high expectations who are coming in with a good level of anxiety and are highly stressed,” said Jan Collins-Eaglin, Pomona’s associate dean of students for personal success and wellness. “Our job here is to help them really thrive.”… Public schools, however, also saw an average hike of 71 percent in the number of students requiring special accommodations among 22 flagship state schools. A number of professors are unsure about the fairness of some of the special accommodations, such as extra time to take an exam, provided for students classified as “disabled.”… The number of students labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder has also risen, requiring increasing accommodations – in some cases, private testing rooms – for “low-distraction environments.” … Similarly, last year at the College Board, which administers the SAT and PSAT, 94 percent of requests for accommodations such as extra time were approved. Within the last seven years, these requests have risen 171 percent and the number of exam-takers jumped 22 percent. …

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