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Boston Globe calls for more school nurses; asthma attacks/self-harming students

Sept 27, 2018, Boston Globe: Making sure Boston students come to school ready to learn …Students’ social and emotional wellness challenges are complex, but there are some simple things we can do to make substantial changes in their lives. First, we need a full-time nurse for every school. We are one of the only school systems in Massachusetts that does not meet this benchmark, and it has serious consequences. It is not hard to imagine two emergencies — for instance, an asthma attack during gym class at one building, and a student who is contemplating harming him or herself in another. While many may still see nurses as Band-Aid dispensaries, they are in fact leaders on the front lines of protecting our students’ welfare. That’s why we also need adequate resources for psychologists, social workers, and other staff who support students’ social and emotional needs. Together, these teams can identify student issues, work with families, and connect them to appropriate community resources when necessary.


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