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Bordentown, NJ: 6%-33% of students in SPED in schools; (average of 20%)

July 5, 2018, Willingboro, NJ, Burlington Cty Times: Bordentown Regional moves ahead with reconfiguration BORDENTOWN — As promised following a December vote by the Bordentown Regional School District’s Board of Education, some students will attend a new school next year as the district’s kindergarten through fifth-grade classes are reconfigured…. A potential reconfiguring of the district was initially proposed for fiscal reasons, as the boundaries determining who attends which school had not been redrawn since at least the 1980s. Forsthoffer said that it was during that process that the district realized how unevenly represented the special education population was across district schools. In the 2017-18 and previous school years, students who had individualized education plans, or IEPs — which entitle students to special education services if they need them — were a larger part of the school population in some district schools than in others. “Historically, it probably started a decade or two ago,” Forsthoffer said of the trend. In recent years, Barton was a kindergarten to third-grade school at which one in three students had an IEP, while just one in 16 students at kindergarten to third-grade Muschal had an IEP.

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