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Boise, ID: Story on teacher salaries includes note about "growing number of SPED students"

Jan 18, 2019, Boise Idaho Statesman: Idaho’s average teacher salary nears $50,000, increases by 3.4 percent this year Idaho lawmakers passed the teacher salary "career ladder" in 2015. This year, they'll have to decide whether to fund the fifth and final year of the $250 million plan. Idaho's average teacher salary is up 12.5 percent from 2014-15, the year before the career ladder went into effect. … In Boise — a district that has long prided itself on harmonious negotiations with its local teachers’ association — the career ladder funding allows district and union leaders to focus on issues other than salaries. For example, that might mean a discussion about meeting the needs of a growing number of special education students, Deputy Superintendent Coby Dennis said.
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