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Boca Raton, FL: 'Nearly 5% of children in Florida have autism'; new center opens

Aug 25, 2023, Boca Raton (FL) Tribune: ABA Centers of Florida Opens Flagship Autism Care Center in Boca Raton to Provide Children on the Spectrum with The Care That They Need Quickly

Today, ABA Centers of Florida unveiled its Florida flagship autism care center in a morning ribbon cutting ceremony. This impressive, strategically designed play space will provide children with a vibrant and engaging environment to receive the therapy lessons that will help them navigate a life on the spectrum and teach them the tools to live a more robust and fulfilling life.

ABA Centers of Florida provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy services to children with autism spectrum disorder through a play-based approach that is rooted in positive reinforcement and was designed to disrupt the autism care industry by demolishing wait times traditionally experienced by those in search of a diagnosis or treatment. Families have been known to be waitlisted from several months to a couple of years to receive these services for their children. ABA Centers of Florida typically has a child in service within 47 days from the time initial contact is made with the organization.

While this was the grand unveiling to the public, ABA Centers of Florida is already providing autism therapy to 60 children through its Boca Raton clinic – and is serving more than 260 kiddos throughout South and Central Florida.

“Nearly 5% of children in Florida have autism and we understand that when we make an impact in those kiddos’ lives, we make an impact in their siblings’ lives, in their parents’ lives, in their teachers’ lives. The ripple effect of the work that the team here does permeates throughout the entire community,” Christopher Barnett, CEO of ABA Centers of Florida, remarked during the event. …

Lisa McCusker, Executive Director for ABA Centers of Florida’s Boca Raton clinic, championed the work of her clinical staff who serve children that sometimes cannot dress, bathe, or take care of themselves in any way, but after a few months of working with the team, those children can now accomplish all of those things – and more.

Esteemed guests participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official opening of this new autism clinic, which was followed by exclusive tours of the premises. Attendees explored the cutting-edge facility and learned about the sensory-friendly designs that allow it to cater to all levels of the autism spectrum. …

ABA Centers of Florida Grand Opening

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