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Bloomington, IL: "More and more students with complex mental health/behavioral needs"

Mar 8, 2019, Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph: Unit 5 adds staff to address a 'new crisis' in school system Staff at Fox Creek Elementary School are helping more and more students with complex mental health and behavioral issues, according to comments Friday from Unit 5 Superintendent Mark Daniel. … Unit 5 added six social workers this year to help students whose home, mental health and educational needs surpass what can be managed in the classrooms across the district. … For many students, mental health needs are entwined with their home life, said Daniel. He said a home interventionist works directly with families, including those with children who have serious behavioral needs, to serve as a bridge to the classroom. … "We had to do something. I truly believe this is the new crisis in our school system," Daniel said of the increase in students with behavioral health needs. To further address the shortage of mental health services for youth, the council agreed to move forward with development of a plan to expand those services. A draft of the plan is expected to be completed by June. …


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