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Bloomfield, IA: District hires social/emotional specialists; teachers "overwhelmed"

Nov 1, 2021, KYOU TV, Ottumwa, IA: Social and Emotional Specialists hired to help students in Davis County Schools

BLOOMFIELD, Iowa - In recent years, faculty at Davis County Community School District have noticed the need for Social and Emotional Specialists for the students. Now, they have hired their first few Social and Emotional Learning Specialists for the different schools in the district. Becky Zesiger is the Director of Instruction for the Davis County Community School District. She says the new hires are to help teachers who are overwhelmed with students’ needs while also trying to teach. “All of the needs kids had academic needs and behavior and social and emotional needs, and so we were looking for more ways to provide more.” Ashley Tuvera who is the Social and Emotional Learning Specialist at the elementary school says, right now she is working with kids in whole group sessions. She teaches them how to recognize their emotions on charts to help kids visualize what they feel. “Things like empathy understanding your feelings how to deal with those, we are also working on some mindfulness.”…


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