Black River Falls, WI: Need for mental health help in schools-teachers being trained

Oct 18, 2017, Black River Falls (WI) Jackson County Chronicle: Mental health being addressed more directly at BRF The need for mental health help in schools has become an increasing priority in school districts throughout the country. In smaller areas like Jackson County though it can be a struggle getting those students the help that they need, so the Black River Falls School District is taking steps to combat that. The district recently entered in an agreement with Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to help allow the professionals to come directly to the school and offer help. … "Schools provide a more structured and safer environment for the kids who have experienced trauma," Lutheran Social Services program supervisor Tami Christianson said. Christianson said that sometimes a home can be too chaotic for someone who's experienced trauma, so being able to come into the schools helps a lot. … The elementary school is currently part of a statewide mental health grant for professional development of teachers. Teachers aren't being trained to diagnose mental health problems, but instead to recognize students who appear to have had a traumatic experience or may be living in trauma.

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