Bismarck, ND: Mindfulness used to keep students calm

Dec 1, 2017, Bismarck, ND, West Dakota Fox: Rita Murphy Elementary uses mindfulness to refocus students after recess For many children, recess is the most exciting part of the school day. But how do you get them to re-focus for those last two hours of learning? Rita Murphy Elementary in Bismarck is using what it calls mindfulness to build positive learning in their classrooms. … You might be wondering how this teacher got her students to be this calm right after recess. It's part of a mindfulness program. “I saw a need for it in my students self-regulating themselves when they would have a problem out at recess. And I'm teaching them ways to deal with that and how to calm down themselves,” said second grade teacher Olivia Becker. It includes several meditative, breathing and sensory exercises - and some problem solving too.