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Birmingham, AL: Birmingham airport adds sensory room for "people with autism"

Feb 15, 2019, Birmingham airport cuts ribbon on sensory room for people with autism The Birmingham Airport Authority cut the ribbon Friday on a sensory room that will make air travel less overwhelming for people with autism and similar conditions. The room was developed in partnership with the children’s autism nonprofit KultureCity. The addition makes Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport the second airport in the country with a sensory room and the first in the nation with such a room designed for not only people with autism but also PTSD, dementia and other conditions…. Located in Concourse B after security, the space features soft lighting from a bubbling water wall, touchable activity panels, comfortable bean bag chairs and other features to reduce anxiety. The room is expected to be a refuge for those overwhelmed by sensory processing issues such as crowds, harsh lights, smells and noises.


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