Billings, MT: Kids can't manage emotions because of TRAUMA AT HOME

Jan 23, 2018, KTVQ—TV, Billings, MT: One School at a Time January This month schools from Billings to Red Lodge to Sheridan, Wyoming have stepped up with stellar entries to improve the student experience. … Orchard Elementary is focusing on becoming a “Trauma Informed School.” Counselor Melida Kessler explained what that meant. "We've learned that a lot of our students have experienced traumatic events in their lives. And when they've had traumatic events, their brain just isn't capable of managing those emotions, self regulating, so a lot of times their behavior that can be explosive or defiant is really out of their control because their brain is just in this constant fight or flight mode,” said Kessler They would like to integrate a “Resiliency Room.” "It is going to be designed to help kids if they're feeling agitated, frustrated, if something happened at home prior to school that they're just having a hard time coping with, give them a space to go calm down, have some privacy. … "If we know that they're leaving school with a little bit of anxiety or fear of what happens when they come home, we want school to at least be a safe place," said Kessler.