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Berea, OH: Anxiety "skyrocketing"; district "taking action" with film 'Angst'

May 15, 2019, NBC3, Cleveland, OH: Anxiety is skyrocketing in teens, so how can we help? There's no denying it. More and more kids of all ages are experiencing anxiety. Dr. Lisa Damour, Clinical Psychologist and Director for Laurel's Center for Research on Girls told WKYC's Hollie Strano that it's an issue that particularly impacts girls…. "We are asking more of kids than we ever have before. In many ways, college has come to high school, high school has come to middle school, and so the demands we are placing is different than in previous generations," she said. Many school districts across the country are now grappling with ways they can try to help students and parents deal with mental health. The Berea City School District is one local school system taking action, by offering a screening of the documentary "Angst" to students and parents last month. …


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