Bedford, MA: "Schools have had to adjust to ...the rise in food allergies"

Aug 28, 2017, Bedford Wicked Local, Concord, MA: In Bedford, the evolution of the school lunch continues Another issue schools have had to adjust to is the rise in food allergies. According to a study done, by Mount Sinai School of Medicine, three times as many children are diagnosed with peanut allergies than in 1997. Some school districts, such as Plymouth, have banned peanut butter all together. “There are some schools that have banned peanut butter from their lunchroom, although we haven’t considered that yet,” Whittier said. “At the elementary level we do have special peanut-free table that children with peanut allergies sit at, and we allow them to bring a friend to sit with them so they don’t feel left out from the rest of the students. I know allergies is something that our nurses are concerned about and are very active in monitoring.”