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Beatrice, NE: Therapy dog helps kids "calm down"; "huge improvement with nonverbal students"

Oct 5, 2018, Beatrice (NE) Daily Sun: Therapy dog brightens students' days at Paddock Lane … Rosco the chocolate Labrador roams the hallways with students and seems adept at brightening their day. Rosco, a certified therapy dog, can be found mainly in the special education room along with elementary skills teacher, Jennifer Haynes. … He's even helped students calm down faster as well as improved their academics, Haynes said. … “We’ve seen huge improvements with nonverbal students being able to learn the commands to call him over,” Haynes said. Students that refused to read will read to him, so [we're] seeing huge academic progress because they are willing to do things for the dog.”… Not only is Rosco good for therapy, but he also teaches the students about responsibility, Haynes said.

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