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Bay City, MI: Autism therapy provider opens fifth center in Michigan

Nov 2, 2023, WNEM TV, Bay City, MI: Spectrum Autism Center expands into Bay City area

VIDEO News anchor: Listen to this, the CDC says one in 36 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Now there’s a new center in Mid Michigan that’s helping to meet patients’ needs.

I’m delighted to welcome Jennifer Ward-Kolka from Spectrum Autism Center. … Now there are five centers in Michigan….

Ward Kolka: We’re different from other centers, I think, because our owner has an adult son with autism. Many of our staff have children or grandchildren or others close to them that are impacted by autism. …

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Can you post this article to here too?

"Japan's 1st prison for intellectually, developmentally disabled youths opens near Tokyo"

"ICHIHARA, Chiba -- Japan's first prison specialized in housing young inmates with intellectual or developmental disabilities has opened here, with thorough guidance programs catering to each inmate's personality and characteristics to help them return to society."

"The newly opened center will accommodate male inmates who meet certain criteria, such as having intellectual or developmental disabilities, being aged roughly 25 years old or younger at the time of imprisonment and having been handed a prison sentence of five years or less for their first offense."

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