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Batesville, IN: Special ed to expand in local schools

Nov 4, 2022, WSCH Radio, Lawrenceburg, IN: Batesville Schools Special Education Department Expands

(Batesville, Ind.) - An enhanced special education department at the Batesville Community School Corporation (BCSC) this year is part of a series of adjustments to the program since these services returned under the school corporation’s umbrella several years ago. Prior to the 2020-21 school year, special education services were shared by BCSC with several other local school corporations through a cooperative program. Now in the third full year of having in-house special education services, BCSC continues to improve and refine its ability to meet these students’ needs with its own dedicated staff.

…During the 2021-22 school year, we added a school psychologist and put many formal processes in place. I would consider this year, our third, as the final year in our transition. We are smoothing out any kinks in the system and have expanded our staff to better serve our students.”

Staff in new positions on the team this year include an assistant director of special education, an educational consultant, and an administrative assistant, as well as a full-time occupational therapist. Other staff members include a special education teacher for non-public schools, as well as one part-time and two full-time speech therapists and part-time positions for physical therapy, blind/low vision students, and students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Hillary Timonera, who began her career at BCSC as the school corporation’s psychologist, is now the assistant director of special education, while retaining her former role until a replacement is found….

Roughly fifteen percent of BCSC’s students qualify for some sort of special education services. Some, such as the youngest learners who often only need speech therapy, may receive assistance for just a short time. Others may need more long-term help. The goal for the special education department, in general, is to provide assistance in such an impactful way that the majority of students can move eventually out of the program….


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