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Baraboo, WI: Students have greater health needs; "life-threatening" for 5%

June 27, 2018, Baraboo (WI) News Republic: School nurse: Student health needs growing across Baraboo schools Health needs of students in the Baraboo School District are growing, according to medical staff. School nurse Rebecca Christensen delivered a health report to the Baraboo School Board Monday that showed 2,499 of the district’ 3,185 students — about 78 percent — have disclosed health concerns. While the figure includes minor conditions like nearsightedness, 154 students’ families — about 5 percent — reported potentially life-threatening concerns. “Our school district is growing and health needs are increasing,” Christensen said. “If you look at any state or national data trends for health, you’ll see that the health needs of school-aged children are increasing everywhere, and we seem to be right on track with that here at the district with the numbers we’re seeing as well.” Christensen said some challenges facing the school health department include the need for updated facilities and more space to meet the increasing health needs. Christensen said the district also faces challenges meeting the state’s vaccination requirements. The student body vaccination rate was down to 98 percent in 2017-2018 from 99 percent the previous year, according to the health report. Baraboo school leaders asked what the district can do to improve the rate….

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