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Bangor, ME: New autism center for children to open

MAR 23, 2022, WABI, BANGOR, ME: Center for children with autism opening in Bangor

A new center for children with autism is getting ready to open in Bangor. “Through our research, we found that Bangor is an underserved community for autism, there is a prevalence here, and it’s above the national average as well,” said Brian Steinberg, VP of Operations. … ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a research based treatment option that uses reinforcement to increase desired behaviors. … National Clinical Director Kaitlyn Arnold says they’ll work with students and their families to meet individual goals that can be transferred to the home. “What we want to see here in our center is to be able to identify what are those skills that might be a skill deficit at this time, and how can we improve that so the children can graduate from our services into the public school with the skills they need to be successful,” said Arnold. The center is expected to open April 4.


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