Baltimore, MD: Yoga and meditation instead of punishment for disruptive kids

Aug 9, 2017, Empire State News: Prayer instead of punishment is Baltimore's public schools is proven successful

HTTP://WWW.EMPIRESTATENEWS.NET/2017/08/09/PRAYER-INSTEAD-OF-PUNISHMENT-IN-BALTIMORES-PUBLIC-SCHOOLS-IS-PROVEN-SUCCESSFUL/ A system that funnels troubled students through disciplinary program after program is termed as the, “school-to-prison pipeline.” Most troubled students already struggle with difficult lives and Carla Amurao for PBS’ Tavis Smiley Reports writes, school detentions, suspensions, and often expulsions further aggravate a troubled home life sending children “back to the origin of their angst and unhappiness—their home environments or their neighborhoods.” Carla Amurao continues to shed light on the fact that harsh disciplinary policies don’t actually change behavior, and “statistics reflect that these policies disproportionately target students of color and those with a history of abuse, neglect, poverty or learning disabilities.” Most students are treated as problems to be quarantined, rejected or abandoned for their mistakes. Meanwhile a lot of their mistakes or wrong choices are made because they are carrying significant stresses and setbacks. Instead of rejecting a human being for their weaknesses or inabilities to cope with the stresses of life, why not teach students effective means of coping with stress and setbacks? If prayer and meditation help a child deal with difficulty early in life it will be a positive quality to have when life becomes more demanding into adulthood. One school in Baltimore is attempting to equip their students with a yoga and meditation program during and after school that takes the place of detention and other punishments, CBS News Reports. …