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Baltimore, MD: Increase in students assaulting teachers

Nov 29, 2018, Baltimore Sun: Attacks on Baltimore school employees revive discussions about student discipline Marietta English was horrified when she watched the viral video showing a student hitting a Frederick Douglass High School teacher in the face. The Baltimore Teachers Union president was equally horrified when, a few weeks later, she saw footage of a student allegedly assaulting a cafeteria worker at the National Academy Foundation School of Baltimore. Then on Wednesday, news broke of another attack: a student punching a physics teacher at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. This trio of violent events has revived discussions about school safety and the debate over how students are punished. … The district’s code of conduct provides some discretion for how students who attack school personnel are punished. … Issues of violence against teachers are a perennial problem in Baltimore. A Baltimore Sun investigation in 2014 found that school employees reported more injuries than those in any city agency except the Police Department. There were more than 300 workers compensation claims related to assaults or run-ins with students in fiscal year 2013…. Last school year, Baltimore City Public Schools issued 436 suspensions and expulsions after a student attacked an adult. An additional 309 punishments were issued for threatening an adult. In the 2013-2014 school year, there were nearly 800 expulsions and suspensions resulting from a student’s physical attack on a staff member. … The Maryland State Board of Education passed disciplinary regulations in 2014 ending a zero-tolerance policy that resulted in the suspension of a large numbers of boys, special-education students and African-Americans for minor and vague infractions, like insubordination. …

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