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Baltimore: Grandparent's Day; "chaos" in the sixth grade classroom

Dec 18, 2018, WCBM TV, Baltimore: Grandparents Detail Out of Control Behavior at Granddaughter’s School in Baltimore (Video)

This is heartbreaking and outrageous. We must get control of our schools. We should never accept children and teachers feeling unsafe in our classrooms. This problem is getting worse and we must take action now!

WCBM: “…what she witnessed when she walked inside this school and sat down in her granddaughter’s sixth grade class was simply shocking.”

Grandmother: “It was total chaos. Kids running in and out of the hallway. They were so disrespectful of the teacher. The kids never really took their seats. They were up and down and up and down. “One boy was banging away the whole time, drumming away…on his desk.” WCBM: “But it gets worse. Rose said one girl then ran in the classroom and attacked another student. …Rose…sat in that classroom for 45 minutes. It was so chaotic, she doesn’t even know what the teacher’s lesson plan was about.

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