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Baltimore: Governor cuts ribbon on sensory playground for kids with ASD

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Dec 6, 2023, WMAR Baltimore: New sensory playground opens in Northeast Baltimore New sensory playground opens in Northeast Baltimore's%20Guild%20opened%20its,specifically%20for%20students%20with%20autism.
Now kids living with autism can play a little easier.
The Children's Guild opened its outdoor sensory playground in Northeast Baltimore today. Governor Wes Moore cut the ribbon on the Orokawa Foundation Playground at the Guild's Transformation Center.
The space offers 25 different elements designed specifically for students with autism.

"Our students have been provided a playground where they do not feel limited. This playground is where our students feel belonging, excitement, curiosity and freedom. This is a powerful gift to give a child," Sarah Weitzel, Director of related services at the Children's Guild Transformation Academy said.

The transformation center offers year long schooling specifically for students with autism.

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