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Bakersfield, CA: Women make weighted blankets/lap pads; they help kids stay calm

Sept 4, 2018, KGET, Bakersfield, CA: Local women makes weighted blankets, lap pads to help students focus A local woman is sewing weighted blankets and lap pads, helping students with learning disabilities stay focused in the classroom. "When I found out that there were these physical objects that could help them with out any negative repercussion, I knew that I had to give that a try," said Jocelyn Dimaya, owner of Jocelyn Shares. … The custom lap pads and blankets are filled with non-toxic, machine washable poly pellets and range in weight from 2 to over 20 pounds. The lap pads are helping students, like 7-year-old Jacob Gomez, focus in the classroom. "It helps me be calm in school," Jacob said. Jacob was diagnosed with autism just before he turned four. … "This lap pad is actually as important of a tool as a pencil is to him at school," Litterell said. "The very first day he took it to school i got a call from his teacher saying it was amazing. he was able to stay in his seat, he stayed on task, it's great."

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