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Bakersfield, CA: "Sensory Friendly Santa"/"Inclusion"/"Children with Autism"


Dec 17, 2023, ABC23, Bakersfield, CA: Sensory Friendly Santa Gives Inclusive Christmas Cheer to Children with Autism

The Kern County Autism Networks holds the annual Sensory Friendly Santa Event to give children with autism an enjoyable visit with Saint Nick.

While many kids love Christmas, not all kids would love meeting with Santa in a busy mall.

That’s why the Kern Autism Networks puts on the Sensory Friendly Santa event every year which is designed so that kids with Autism can enjoy a meeting with Saint Nick himself in an environment that’s calm.

“It’s an environment that’s just very low-key,” said Ramona Puget, Director of the Kern Autism Network.

“The lights are dimmed very low, they are brought in one at a time. There is no loud noise, there is no loud music, nothing to distract them.”

Around 250 people signed up to be a part of the event, reflecting the demand for a Christmas event catered to those with autism….


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