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Bakersfield, CA: Local SPED teacher fundraises for NONVERBAL STUDENTS' supplies

Dec 5, 2018, Bakersfield, CA, ABC23: Local teacher fundraised for students with special needs A local teacher is asking for some extra support Wednesday for her students with special needs. 23ABC News spoke to special education teacher Janette Lathon at Actis Jr High school about her behind the scenes work to help get students supplemental materials and why more teachers are turning to the community for help. … The majorities of Lathon’s students range from 12 to 13 and are predominantly non-verbal. That's Lathon and her team took it upon themselves to develop a grant to ensure students would still have access to the tools they need to grow their learning despite Kern County Superintendents of School’s (KCSOS) funding limitations when it concerns supplemental materials, in hopes of gaining support from the community, "So Nick Feliciano and I wrote a project for Donors Choose and Donors Choose is a great resource for teachers to request items that they are wanting in their classroom to kind of enhance the learning for students. … The total cost of the items Lathon is asking for her class amounts to $900 and they still need $600 more to fund the entire project. …

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