Avon Lake, OH:Only non-edible items allowed in school for birthdays

Aug 23, 2017, CBS 19 Cleveland: Birthday cupcakes won't be allowed at Avon Lake City Schools The Avon Lake City School System is one of the latest school systems to modify their Birthday Treat policy. Beginning this school year, parents are being asked to bring in only non-edible items to celebrate their child's birthday. ... Superintendent Bob Scott said there are too many kids that have allergies to risk it, and he adds, there have been some close calls with kids who can't have certain foods…. Avon Lake City Schools' Head Nurse, Becky Busch said she's seeing more and more kids with life threatening allergies than ever before. "I've been here nine years, and each year we see more and more. One in 13 kids has a food allergy, which is two per classroom," said Busch. … Other area schools have varying policies. …

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