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Avon, CT: $3,400 for 2nd graders' 'peace place'; "students who need time for themselves"

July 2, 2018, Hartford (CT) Courant: Pine Grove School Receives Grant For Sensory Toolboxes In Lori Maniatis' second grade classroom at Pine Grove Elementary School in Avon , a space called the "peace place" is reserved for students who need a little time to themselves. A colored curtain falls to the floor and inside, a student can fidget with a variety of objects designed specifically for that purpose. When they feel better, they can exit and rejoin the class. This is just the start of what Pine Grove is providing its teachers and second grade students to better equip them for these kinds of moments. The Avon Education Foundation recently awarded the entire second grade a grant worth nearly $3,400 that will be used to purchase sensory toolboxes that they said promotes engagement attention and behavior…. The grant will purchase six sets of these items that will make up the sensory toolboxes for all of the school's second grade classrooms. Inside them are weighted lap pads, chair bands, desk bands, sensory seating cushions, visual timers, stress ball fidgets, squidget fidgets, desk buddies, and anywhere chairs….

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