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(Australia) W. Tasmania school "therapy dog" to "regulate emotions, improve behaviour"

June 27, 2021, ABC News: Therapy dog helps students' learning, emotional regulation at Tasmanian school

A good listener, a calming influence, and all-round "good dog", Luna is having a big impact on the daily lives of students and teachers at Rosebery District School in western Tasmania. The Education Department purchased the fluffy brown cavoodle as a therapy dog at the beginning of 2020 and she has been a calming influence on the students ever since.)… "When the students are upset in class, Luna will go to them and try to comfort them," she says. … Helping regulate emotions, improve behaviour Principal of the school Jill Richardson instigated the purchase of Luna for the school when she saw a need when she arrived. "All the theory indicates that a dog is a comfort to kids," Ms Richardson said…. "They find the student who needs them and they generally pay attention to that student." Ms Richardson says dogs in schools teach students to self-regulate, improve behaviour, and help students learn to care for something else. …

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