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(Australia) Victorian SPED students (1 in 6) don't get adequate support; some turned away

June 28, 2018, ABC Network: Victorian students with disabilities turned away from schools, report finds Children with disabilities are being turned away from or discouraged from enrolling in mainstream Victorian schools — and once enrolled, many are being socially isolated or not receiving the support they need to learn, according to a new report. About 15 per cent of parents interviewed by Monash University's Castan Centre for Human Rights Law said they had experienced difficulty enrolling their child in a mainstream Victorian government school…. But this often happened without a proper analysis of the adjustments needed by the child, and whether they could be reasonably provided by the school, the researchers found…. The report said once they enrolled, many students were not receiving appropriate adjustments to their lessons. Instead, teachers were simply "dumbing down" tasks…. The researchers said many of the problems were linked to flaws in the way funding was provided for the one-in-six Victorian students with disabilities. A 2016 review found while 15 per cent of Victorian students needed support due to disability, only 4 per cent received funding under Victoria's program for students with a disability…. Several parents reported that their children were isolated from their classmates by being placed in separate areas of the room — such as in the alcove where school bags are kept — or other rooms. Parents also reported pressure to withdraw their children from NAPLAN tests. "We had the principal call and say that [my child] was too stressed and anxious to complete NAPLAN,"

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