(Australia) Victoria: Thousands of students, as young 5, expelled each year

Aug 14, 2017, The Age (Australia): Challenges facing expelled Vic students Children as young as five and six are being expelled from Victoria's government schools and more than 31 per cent have disabilities or mental illnesses, a report by the state's ombudsman has found. At just seven years of age Daniel was expelled from his Victorian government school. It was the third he had attended since Prep. Daniel has autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety and depression and his conditions make him more likely to be expelled according to a new report from the state ombudsman. ... "He was diagnosed with severe behaviour disorder so he was basically expelled for his condition." ... The report made eight recommendations, including limiting expulsions for students under the age of eight, all of which have been supported by the government. The state government in response announced a $5.9 million program to help students with behavioural issue avoid expulsion.