(Australia) Traditional schools can't meet the needs of SPED students

Aug 28, 2017, ABC News (Australia): Homeschooling rising fastest among students with special needs as parents look for new directions Homeschooling is on the rise as advocacy groups say it is the best solution for special needs and disabled students who are finding traditional schools do not meet their needs. Nationally, homeschooling numbers have almost doubled in the past couple of years and it is still growing. ... Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show 14,500 students were home schooled in 2015, although officially the figure is possibly understated, due to families not registering. David Roy, a Newcastle University lecturer in Education, who also sits on the Home School Consultative Committee with the NSW Education Standards Authority NESA (formerly BOSTES), said he believed the number had increased to 20,000 (in 2016) as registrations increased. Professor Roy thinks that today's figure could be as high as 30,000 because of the number of individuals that do not register. Special needs not being met in schools

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