(Australia) Teachers trained for "rapidly growing numbers of primary students at risk of suicide"

Dec 3, 2017, (Australia) The Advertiser: Push for compulsory suicide prevention training for all school staff as kids flood crisis phone line SCHOOLS are referring rapidly growing numbers of primary students at risk of suicide to an intervention service, prompting calls for compulsory training for all school staff. … Program manager Elaine Reynolds said the fact more schools were calling for help in individual cases could mean some teachers were getting better at watching for warning signs. But few schools were booking the service’s training in risk identification and assessment, meaning many teachers may lack the necessary skills — a key concern when early intervention was critical. … “(Staff training) should be compulsory in all schools. What if the child is showing signs to the teacher who doesn’t recognise them? They are the first responders,” Ms Reynolds said. … She said parents also needed awareness training and must be willing to be involved in any intervention process. Too many were reticent to talk with their kids, for fear of saying the wrong thing, when that was what they needed most....

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