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(Australia) Tamworth: 30K kids with autism "competing for support schools/programs"

April 6, 2022, Katherine Times: Podcast: Autistic kids in Tamworth are falling behind in school because of the limited availability of support classes

Melissa Reinikka's son Jacob has autism and intellectual delay. He is one of many kids in Tamworth entitled to a support class at school, but unable to get a spot. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' data on Disability, there are over 30,000 children with autism and related disorders living in regional Australia. And they're competing for support schools and programmes. Outside the big cities it can be next to impossible to even get a diagnosis, let alone support. Only 40-percent of these kids attend a special school or special classes.

Melissa's son Jacob, 8, has been deferred four times from a support class.


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