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(Australia) Schools dealing with students with severe mental health issues

Jan 3, 2019, Western Advocate: NSW public school incidents highlight cases of violence, weapons, drugs VIOLENCE, assault, drugs, weapons, threats and intimidation – welcome to public schoolyards of the Central West. The latest report from the NSW Department of Education details a wide range of incidents that have occurred in schools across the Chifley, Canobolas and Orana Mid Western police districts. All incidents involve students, and often teachers and other staff, and on many occasions police. … Teachers lodged a number of welfare concern reports for the students they taught, many included students self-harming and some were attempted suicides. Student welfare concerns featured the most often with 21 cases…. On September 6, Canobolas police were called to an Orange school after one student threatened another and the school was locked down. The student then threatened self-harm and also to injure the principal. In Chifley, a Bathurst student walked out of their school on August 4 and then attempted suicide. There were 16 reported incidents of violence in public schools in Chifley, Orana and Canobolas, the data shows. On September 9, Orana police were called to a Dubbo school after a student begun verbally abusing students and staff and then made general threats. The school was put into lockdown and then the student kicked and banged on doors to gain access to staff and students. …

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