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(Australia) School "targets mental health" with "wellbeing room/calming kits"

Sept 10, 2018, West Australian: Student support plan wins school accolades A specialised program at a Broome primary school that uses fun and relaxing methods to increase wellbeing has been recognised as one of the best in the State. St Mary’s College took out the engagement prize at Catholic Education WA’s annual Learning, Engagement, Accountability and Discipleship Awards last month after implementing an initiative that targets mental health and improves behaviour to better prepare students for learning. Known as Positive Behaviour Support Through a Trauma Informed Lens, the project aims to increase the inclusion of primary aged students with mental health and other support needs, and the confidence and skill of staff to support these children…. The school elected a leadership team to implement the initiative this year, who introduced the Kris Cross the Croc mascot to motivate students, a wellbeing room and calming kits in each classroom for staff and children. …

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