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(Australia) Primary school gets new "sensory room" to help students 'regulate emotions'

Oct 30, 2018, West Australian: Sensory room a benefit to students St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School students have been able to enjoy the benefits of a new sensory room at the school. The specially designed room allows students to develop and engage their senses with light, colours, sounds and aromas in a non-threatening space. Special needs co-ordinator Domenica Soroka, who created and designed the room with the assistance of parent donations, said sensory rooms enhanced brain development and the development of fine and gross motor skills."Sensory rooms can also help overactive or upset students regulate their emotions, whilst also helping more disengaged students focus more easily on their work,” she said. “After spending time in the room for a sensory break, they are able to return to their classrooms with improved behaviour and focus.” The school has also begun work on a sensory garden and path outside the room, and Mrs Soroka says the work had drawn the school community together. …

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