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(Australia) One in 5 affected by dyslexia; early intervention important

July 18, 2023, ABC: 'The way I was taught disabled me': How to help young people with dyslexia

…And Chloe is not alone — at least 1 in 10 Australians have dyslexia. But the Australian Dyslexic Association believes that is an inaccurate reflection of numbers due to many people being left unidentified in Australia; other English-speaking countries have figures estimated to be up to double that rate.

Sarah Asome is the mum of two children with dyslexia, is a primary school principal and heads up parent advocacy group CodeREAD. She says there is a child with dyslexia in every classroom.

"Dyslexia is a specific learning disorder, it's neurological and often runs in families," she told Maggie Dent in ABC podcast Parental As Anything.

"Basically, it's difficulty with words."

Advocates say there is a child with dyslexia in every classroom.)…

If a school doesn't offer a support literacy program, parents are encouraged to engage a specialist tutor, education or speech and language pathologist so then evidence is able to be taken to the school.

"It's not always easy to get a diagnosis," Sarah says.

"It's hard to get allied health, there's long wait lists and the costs are really high. But there are decodable books and really good apps that parents can use, too. Trust your instinct and speak up early."…

Early intervention and advocacy in primary school can make it easier for children with dyslexia in secondary school.

"You need to ask for an individual learning plan, and keep a record of everything — because when you get to secondary school you're going to need that history to get accommodations that you need [like a scribe for assessments] in a secondary setting."…


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