(Australia) One in 10 kids has asthma; teachers need training

Sept 4, 2017, New Castle Herald, Australia: 'It's terrifying': How Noah's flare-up became a life-threatening asthma attack Training teachers to recognise the warning signs of an asthma flare-up could be the difference between preventing a life-threatening attack and the tragic death of a child. A lack of education among school staff was a constant concern for Noah's family. The nine-year-old has been rushed to hospital with a severe asthma attack five times in his life. Two of those life-threatening episodes flared up while he was at his Sydney primary school... "It's not the teachers' fault. They hadn't been educated to recognise the warning signs or how to act. On Monday Health Minister Brad Hazzard launched two new initiatives - a first-aid e-book and standardised action plan - to improve the way NSW schools respond to asthma attacks among students. … The Schools and Child Services Action Plan for Asthma Flare-Up and e-book would help teachers and other school staff identify when a child has a flare-up and act quickly to alleviate asthma attacks, Minster Hazzard said. "Asthma is often not understood as a potential killer, but sadly, on average, it claims the lives of two children every year," said Minister Hazzard, an asthmatic himself. ... A 2014 NSW ombudsman report found 20 children died from asthma between 2004 and 2013. Many of the children included in the report had exhibited symptoms at school before they died. One in 10 Australian children have asthma, meaning on average every classroom could have at least one or two children with the condition.