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(Australia) NSW teachers need epilepsy training; one in 200 students are affected

Feb 11, 2019, Newcastle (NSW) Star: Epilepsy training needed in more schools Launceston mum Georgina Schilg used to worry that teachers would mistake her daughter's epileptic seizures for her not listening. But not anymore. … Ms Schilg knows that 10-year-old Sophie's teachers are able to recognise her daughter's symptoms and call her, or an ambulance, if needed…. "Now staff have a much better understanding of what to look for and they felt more confident in dealing with Sophie." It's all because the mum picked up the phone and asked Epilepsy Australia about what help she could get at the school. The organisation helped introduce the Epilepsy Smart School program which educates teachers about epilepsy and seizures and how to react, take notes and create a safe environment. Despite nearly one in 200 students having epilepsy in Australia, less than five per cent of schools and teachers received any epilepsy-specific training. … Currently only 475 schools across the country meet requirements to create a safe and supportive educational environment for students with epilepsy, according to Epilepsy Australia. … Since 2017 the organisation has expanded the program so all Australian schools are eligible to become recognised as an Epilepsy Smart School.
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