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(Australia) NSW school gets "sensory room" to provide "calming sensation"/ "help with anxieties"

Oct 16, 2018, Maitland Mercury: Thornton Public School sensory room a hit with children and parents Thornton Public School improved its already safe and inclusive environment with the opening of a sensory room on Monday. The room, built to assist children living with disabilities and additional needs, has elements at different levels for students who like to climb, tactile objects and furnishing for students who enjoy sensory play, bubble tubes to create a calming effect and build on students’ visual development, and lights that give a calming sensation to help with anxieties. Assistant principal Petra Yager said the room was a permanent addition, with the school now looking for further development to the sensory playground. “When designing the room, teachers took into account the complex and diverse needs of the students,” she said. “It was designed to help students – who may have emotional issues, learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments – learn to interact with the world around them, in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and ability. …


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