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(Australia) Noted educator: So many teachers "crumple" due to "tsunami of mental health issues"

Sept 24, 2018, Sydney Morning Herald: School sectors should unite around needs-based funding: Top headmaster By St Andrews Cathedral School head Dr John Collier after he was awarded the Sir Harold Wyndham medal for outstanding contribution to education by the Australian College of Educators: The instruction given in years gone by to English opening batsmen by coaches was if you last at the crease long enough, you're bound to score some runs. I'm actually in my 29th year of principalship across four schools I've lead, and in my 46th year of teaching, so I suppose I've scored some runs in that time – I certainly hope so. … … The tsunami of mental health issues amongst the young has also placed enormous pressures on teachers as carers. Amidst all of this, it's no wonder that so many crumple.

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